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About Us

Dakota Landscaping was founded by Roger and Denise.  With a diverse background in management, business, and landscaping we decided to spend our lives doing what we truly love... working together.  Denise (the real boss) and Roger decided we could build something very special if we put our hearts and minds into doing what comes natural to both of us...helping people.  Denise has a successful background in healthcare as a Physical Therapist and has a passion for building relationships.  Denise truly enjoys working closely with clients and communicating exactly what our clients needs are.  Incapable of not telling the truth, Denise's friends/family would tell you she is the most loyal and trustworthy person they know. She is exceedingly organized and never lets anything fall through the cracks.  Clients love her and for good reason...she loves what she does.

If Denise is the brains of the company then Roger is the brawn.  Working in field daily to ensure our service exceeds our clients' expectations, Roger loves working with the team and talking to customers. Roger has always loved working outdoors.  His experience brings solutions that create better looking landscapes.  Roger's passion for plants, trees and grass show in our results.  His unwavering positive attitude and sense of humor keeps the team energized and laughing.

Together, Denise and Roger make a great team.  Their love of faith, family, and friends are the building blocks of our company.  It would be our honor to share that passion with you.

Thank you for visiting our site and have a blessed day.

Denise & Roger